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Charity number: 1108712
Charity is insolvent

Activities - how the charity spends its money

The Open Youth Trust provides opportunities that make a positive difference to the lives of young people in Norfolk. In particular, we aim: 1. To advance the education of young people, including vocational and life skills training; 2. To provide facilities for recreation and other leisure time activities for young people; and 3. To promote good health amoung young people.

Income and expenditure

Data for financial year ending 31 March 2018

Charitable expenditure

Charitable expenditure

Some charities generate all, or a substantial part, of their income from investments which may have been donated to the charity as endowment or set aside by the charity from its own resources in the past. Such investments usually take the form of stocks and shares but may include other assets, such as property, that are capable of generating income and/or capital growth.

In managing their spending and investments charities need to strike a balance between the needs of future and current beneficiaries. They also need to take account of spending commitments that may stretch over a number of future years. To do this, charities will normally adopt an investment strategy designed to generate both income and capital growth. To maximise returns trustees may commit to investment strategies for several years.

Investments can experience large swings in value so trustees may, in a particular year, decide to realise and spend part of their charity’s capital or to invest part of its income.

By clicking the investment gains checkbox the charitable spending bar is adjusted to take account of capital growth as well as income. This shows the balance the charity is striking, between spending on current beneficiaries and retaining resources for future beneficiaries.


This charity raises funds from the public but does not work with professional fundraisers or commercial participators.


One or more trustees are also directors of the subsidiaries

Trustee payments

No trustees receive any remuneration, payments or benefits from the charity.