Charity number: 1167814
Charity reporting is up to date (1 day late)

Trustees are the people responsible for controlling the work, management and administration of the charity on behalf of its beneficiaries. Generally trustees are treasurer, chair, board member etc. The trustees are responsible for keeping this list up to date and can do this by updating their details as they happen through the online service

6 Trustee(s)

Name Role Date of appointment Other trusteeships Reporting status of other trusteeships
IULIAN HIRTOPANU Trustee 01 June 2015 None on record
PASTOR VASILE ADRIAN BUCUR Chair 01 May 2012 None on record
Simion Gheorghe Put Trustee 12 March 2019 None on record
DANIEL BUCUR Trustee 01 June 2015 None on record
IONUT DANIEL CIRDEI Trustee 01 March 2016 None on record
NICOLETA MIHAITA Trustee 01 February 2016 None on record