Charities by income category - 26 October 2020

This page shows information for charities that are required to provide key financial information when completing the charity's annual return as their latest income is more than £500,000.

Where a charity has received more than 70% of its total income from a single category then it is grouped with other charities that have the same category as their main income source. If it has more diversified sources of income, with no single category as the main source of income, it is included within "No single category".

" role="img"> Text alternative for this canvas graphic is in the data table below.
Main income category Charities Total income and
Total expenditure
Donations and legacies 3,180 £15,671,654,261 £13,396,601,731
Charitable activities 5,075 £35,970,775,919 £34,489,902,000
Other trading activities 280 £2,597,768,633 £2,569,554,918
Investments 474 £2,191,006,764 £3,936,522,961
No single category 3,126 £19,209,550,614 £18,399,875,142
Total 12,135 £75,640,756,191 £72,792,456,752
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