Charity number: 236140

Trustees are the people responsible for controlling the work, management and administration of the charity on behalf of its beneficiaries. Generally trustees are treasurer, chair, board member etc. The trustees are responsible for keeping this list up to date and can do this by updating their details as they happen through the online service

10 Trustee(s)

Name Role Date of appointment Other trusteeships Reporting status of other trusteeships
MARIE LESLEY GORDON Trustee 02 January 2013 None on record
BETTY MARJORIE SCOTT Trustee None on record
PAULINE MARGARET BERESFORD Trustee 06 June 2012 None on record
Edward Biggs Trustee 08 December 2020 None on record
PAMELA MARY BRIVIO Trustee 31 May 2011
THE R V COLEMAN TRUST Received: On time
MRS SUE NICHOLAS Trustee None on record
John Michael Smith Trustee 25 July 2013 None on record
ROGER STEPHEN WALKDEN Trustee None on record
MARGARET CHRISTINE COX Trustee None on record
Anne Corke Jenner Mrs Trustee 25 April 2019 None on record