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Report a serious incident on behalf of the trustee body

Use this form if you have the authority of the trustees to report a serious incident to the Charity Commission.
You can save your form at any point by clicking on the 'Save Form Progress' button. Once saved you will be able to download and print your form.
You can use the form to report more than one serious incident by selecting the "report another incident" button on the declaration page.
You can also use this form to send us an update on a report you’ve already submitted. You’ll need your reference number.

Before you start

To use this form you’ll need contact details, including:

  • your own contact details the charity name and, if it’s registered, the registration number
  • reference numbers and contact details, if you’ve reported it to other organisations, like the police
  • names and registration numbers of other charities involved in the incident, if relevant

You'll also need incident details, including:

  • date of the incident
  • what happened
  • date the charity found out about the incident
  • how the charity found out about the incident
  • whether trustees are aware of the incident
  • what impact the incident has had on the charity’s beneficiaries, finances, staff, operations or reputation

You'll also need details of how your charity is handling the incident, including:

  • which of the charity’s policies or procedures relate to the incident, and whether they were followed
  • what steps the charity has taken to deal with the incident
  • what steps the charity has taken to prevent similar incidents
  • if applicable, the charity’s media handling or press lines, including a link to a press release if available

How we use personal data

Do not give us personal data about other people. Only include it if it is essential to making your report. For example, say 'an individual has stolen from the charity' instead of 'Joe Bloggs has stolen from the charity'.
If we need more details, we’ll ask for them after you submit your report.
The Information Commissioner’s Office explains what personal data is.

This form will ask for the following personal data:

  • your name, telephone number, email address and your connection with the charity so that we can contact you for clarification or further information if required (we also need a record of the person submitting the report on behalf of the charity)
  • the name, date of birth and address of any trustees of the charity who are disqualified and the reason for disqualification so that we can verify the information, assess any risks to other charities and determine whether any regulatory action is required
  • where you have reported the serious incident to another regulator/agency, the name and contact details of your contact at that regulator/agency so that we can contact them for more information if required and, in some cases, coordinate our response

Our privacy notice explains how we use the personal data in this form

Report a serious incident to the Charity Commission

Use our form to report a new serious incident or update an incident already reported