Charity number: 1128929
Removed charity
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Financial period end date
Income / Expenditure 31/03/2012 31/03/2013 31/03/2014 31/03/2015 31/03/2016
Total gross income £4.10m £3.87m £4.58m £6.82m £5.50m
Total expenditure £5.83m £4.55m £7.78m £4.63m £15.26m
Income from government contracts N/A N/A N/A £0 £0
Income from government grants N/A N/A N/A £25.00k £0
Income - Donations and legacies £1.85m £1.97m £2.99m £5.26m £3.72m
Income - Other trading activities £158.00k £43.00k £24.00k £16.00k £73.00k
Income - Charitable activities £52.00k £57.00k £0 £0 £0
Income - Endowments £0 £0 £0 £0 £0
Income - Investment £2.03m £1.80m £1.51m £1.53m £1.71m
Income - Other £0 £0 £51.00k £15.00k £0
Income - Legacies £7.00k £150.00k £1.66m £3.80m £1.60m
Expenditure - Charitable activities £5.37m £4.40m £7.15m £3.94m £14.40m
Expenditure - Raising funds N/A N/A N/A N/A £884.00k
Expenditure - Governance £196.00k £141.00k £39.00k £80.00k £54.00k
Expenditure - Grants institution £4.26m £3.09m £6.86m £3.40m £13.02m
Expenditure - Investment management £183.00k £66.00k £137.00k £86.00k £118.00k
Expenditure - Other -£157.00k -£204.00k -£86.00k -£16.00k -£19.00k